Keely Hill

The Human

Keely Sketch

Keely is a human. He is a curious human. He is a scientific thinker. He is autodidactic. He likes to make things for technology with technology. He also dabbles with piano and wants to help explore space.

He is most skilled in Python, Swift (iOS), C, C++, and basic electronics with Arduino. Uses Python(Django, Flask) for a web stack and other projects, likes Hugo for static sites. Uses *nix system, for servers, personal computation devices and the Raspberry Pi. See other of his (mostly small) open source projects on GitHub.

He is interested in autonmous systems, space systems, and R&D.

When he has the time, he makes short videos. He likes to make them short and concise. He has been filming and editing for years and occasionally does things for people. He primarily uses Final Cut Pro X.

Contact him here.