Keely Hill

The Human, Keely

Keely Sketch

Computer Scientist, Software Engineer, Space Explorer

Keely is a curious human. He is an autodidactic scientific thinker. He likes to make things for technology with technology. He also dabbles with piano and wants to help explore space.

I studied Computer Science at Florida Polytechnic University.

I'm interested in (and have worked in) autonomous systems, space systems, and R&D.

I'm most skilled in Python, Swift (iOS), C, C++, and basic electronics with the Arduino. Some tools I know include: openCV, ROS, numpy, scikit-learn, and matplotlib. I have exposure to real-time OS, Verilog and 3D-CAD. I use Python(Django || Flask) for a web stack projects, and like Hugo for static sites. Use *nix systems for servers, personal computation devices and the Raspberry Pi. See some of my open source projects on GitHub.

- "Concept network design for a young Mars science station and Trans-planetary communication."

As a occasional hobby, he makes short videos and records sounds, using "Final Cut Pro X" and Audacity.

Looking for more info? Contact me here.