Keely Hill


Currently, Keely has 4 applications available on the iOS App Store. One for tvOS.

Storyboard Animator app icon

Storyboard Animator: Create storyboards: draw, arrange, time, write, and animate.

Use the simple drawing interface to sketch a panel or import (with drag and drop) from any other app. Set the timing, write dialog, action, and SFX for each panel. Play the board back as an animatic to get a feel of your final project.

Timing can be as small as a single frame, so real-time animations can be demonstrated within the board. Tap on the "scene" circles to increment the scene count.

Export everything as a PDF, or the text components as a text file.

FAQ/Manual here.

Made for iPad, works on iPhone.

Quick Voice Memo app icon

Quick Voice Memo is an easy to use app for recording quick memos for spur of the moment ideas.

  • Recordings are transcribed into text
  • Dark theme for comfort when your eyes have adjusted to the dark
  • Hold down to record, let go to stop, tap in list to play.
  • Raw recordings viewable in iTunes file sharing

Tile Slide! icon

Tile Slide! is a fun and casually played puzzle game where you slide tiles around to complete a picture.

  • 3x3 to 7x7 randomly generated board sizes with increasing difficulty
  • 17 beautiful images included, along with a number-only option to train your skills.
  • Slide counter to see how few moves you make

Available on the Apple TV.

A screenshot: Tile Slide! screenshot


Use The Standard Deviation Calculator to calculate the standard deviation of a set of values. It will also return the:

  • Mean(average)
  • Variance
  • Population deviation
  • Median
  • Q1 & Q3

Quartz Run Icon

No longer maintained, removed from store.
In Keely's released first game[May 2017], you are Quartz. The Evil Granite and his minions are trying to keep you from getting to the surface and showing the world your beauty.

  • Along the way you find materials to help on your journey.
  • Collect sunlight as you go to keep your shine strong.
  •  But be careful... the further you get, the faster you must go!
  • Tap to jump. Hold for height.

Note Drop app icon

Note Drop was been sunset, thus cannot be downloaded and will not function.

Note Drop is a simple app where you can write a short message, note, and place it digitally in the world for others to view. Read more on official site...